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First I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice thoughts about the last few issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE where I get to have a mini reunion with Phil Hester. Phil and I actually started making comics at the same time at a small independent comics company called caliber comics.

In fact, quite a few very well-known, creators came out of this Publisher at this time. Ed Brubaker, David Mack, Michael Avon Oeming, The Crow…

So I was a huge fan at Phil’s the minute I saw his stuff. It held an artistic confidence that I always seemed to struggle with.

Phil and I have worked together a couple of times over the years but it’s been a very long time. When I got my first ‘golden ticket’ at Marvel comics to call whoever I wanted… Phil was the first person I called.

I haven’t had a moment to explain to Phil how much it means to me to do these books with him and I thought what better way to do it other than a newsletter that he may not ever read.

Here’s a sneak peek for some upcoming cool stuff he’s just handed in. inks by the quite amazing Eric Gapstur…

That’s right! Guest starting Checkmate! So if you’re reading Checkmate, by myself and Alex, there are some treats for you over in Justice league. And if you’re digging what’s going on with Checkmate in Justice league, well, WAIT, till you see what’s going on with them in their own big giant gorgeously illustrated Alex Maleev miniseries. On sale now!


Thank you for the support around our upcoming sci-fi extravaganza JOY OPERATIONS at DARK HORSE COMICS. Coming to you in NOVEMBER! That means its time to preorder! We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and it’s REALLY appreciated.

We really really really love Joy and her world and its really exciting to finally talk about her publicly. the press is rolling out!

Steven keeps handing in more and more beautiful artwork. If you’re wondering how to get the book. Here is the pre-order information. Do this and the book will be yours.

Everyone at Dark Horse has been AMAZING. This is been one of the best times in my entire career. I really can’t wait to share it what it feels like with you in the book comes out


My brother and sister Michael Avon oeming and Taki Soma have teamed up with Jinny Hex’s own Magdalene Visaggio for…

Powers fans! check this out!!!

Here are a couple of other substacks I’m really enjoying. I’m a huge fan of Jeff Lemire so this is a no-brainer…

Tales From the Farm
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Also, when I left Jessica Jones I had the occasion to pick my successor. There was only one name on the list than it was Kelly Thompson. It was a very good choice. I am very excited about her future plans.

1979 Semi-Finalist
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Is this child trying to pop the head off this chick or just give it a cuddle? And if we pretend the chick is comics and we know that the child is me, does that change your answer? Because loving comics is about equal parts wanting to give it a cuddle and wanting to strangle it to death…
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After being cooped up in our dream house for the last year and 1/2 we found a new dream location. Still in Portland. We have a new Portland hideaway. I posted this on Twitter the other day. I took a box of things that meant the world to me that I wanted to move myself aaaaaand left them out in the rain all night. Everyone on Twitter was very sympathetic and commiserating. Thank you for that. But it wasn’t enough!!! I need my newsletter people to feel my pain as well :-)

This hurt!!

Again, thank you for supporting all of our craziness. It means that absolute world to me. There are quite a few really interesting things going on behind-the-scenes and I cannot wait to share the updates with you here. Next newsletter will be coming very soon and it will include free things because free is good

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